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  1. Luigi

    RO DI Replacement

    You got PM
  2. Luigi

    Boredom creates projects!

    Me was a bit different, I have been busy with work And studies, but I had to break loose for a couple of days... sooo And in 2 weekends a New Garbage Shed Was Born, I forgot to buy the Latch 😲😲
  3. Luigi

    Boredom creates projects!

    Nice work
  4. Luigi

    New Tank Cycle

    Good to hear, you Getting there,
  5. Luigi

    6" Hippo tang

    Thanks Andrew, yes its a really fat one and good shape
  6. Luigi

    Just a good laugh!

    Lol! Man you are right 😁😁
  7. Luigi

    New Tank Cycle

    Nope remove it, ammonia should be 0 before fish goes in , and nitrite is something else you should check
  8. Luigi

    6" Hippo tang

    For sale 6" hippo tang 5 years old nice and fat $120.00
  9. Luigi

    Dinoflagellates - ewww

    Good to know
  10. Luigi

    Pink Millie going Green???

    Thanks for the tip, Actually I have been dosing Po4 and No3 since beginning of December, everything was 000. My po4 now is 0.03 dosing 5 ml of 3SP solution a week And NO3 is at 2.00 Dosing 25 ml of Na-No3 solution a week I was thinking that could be the iron and potassium Iodide I...
  11. Luigi

    Pink Millie going Green???

    As the title says, have you guys experienced something Similar? My pick frag is going Green Dunno why,
  12. Luigi

    SPS polyp extension.

    I want to add a couple of pictures to this thread About polyps extension Purple and Green Favia brain Thus morning
  13. Luigi

    Dinoflagellates - ewww

    I had in the past but one summer day my tank temperature went up to 82 F for few days, the plague never came back again, Also try to raise the PH a bit, I would try the temperature trick, it doesn't cost money Just make sure it stays at that temperature not higher
  14. Luigi

    Luke's 220

    Very nice, Hey Luke, I should do the same with mine but I don't think it's 2" but I did buy from oceanabyss when he was out of his garage 😁
  15. Luigi


    Water change to reduce temporarily, then see if you can manage to bring it down But 0.25 it's not a issue, The issue would be 25
  16. Luigi

    A little brag after a few years

    Luigi thanks Andrew, I've had this kind only, I'm not familiar with the other one
  17. Luigi

    I have never seen this before

    Wow that's a deep one
  18. Luigi

    New 90 gallon tank

    Darn man feel sorry, I had something like that, on time while I was having ReefEscape meeting,.. 🙄🙄🙄
  19. Luigi

    A little brag after a few years

    More pics... I had a few years I had a few polyps of the tricolor clover But in the last 3-4 months this thing is getting out of control. 😀😁 in a good way, I have 4 -5 rocks that are completely covered with polyps
  20. Luigi

    Ph record!

    I have been thinkering about a sodium hydroxide Reactor for the skimmer, see if that plan is doable and affordable 😁