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  1. Limey


    I am only in if Luke sits out this guy wins all reef raffles...LMAO I am in also
  2. Limey

    Mail man dropped me a present!

    Luke no spare in the box mine came with a spare and yes i love mine too, so easy to control also no pressure in the calcium reactor
  3. Limey

    Frag tank challenges and options

    Andrew on two separate occasions i have set up a separate frag tank system, on both occasions it went sideways fast, the continuous top up of the tank the parameters changing quickly and constantly ended up on both occasions within two weeks frags that were fine in the system frag tank now...
  4. Limey

    Sohal tang

    SOLD in his new home..
  5. Limey

    Berghia nudibranchs

  6. Limey

    What’s wrong with this parrotfish ?

    Looks like a rub off a rock or something see if he wedges himself in between two rocks at night like the hippo' tangs do.
  7. Limey

    want to try a monti?

    Wow nice sized pieces Luke
  8. Limey

    internal overflow box needed

  9. Limey

    Mail man dropped me a present!

    Calcuim reactor movement, and the kaomer pumps
  10. Limey

    Look what arrived!!

    So still learning about this unit (with help from Luke) Love the continuous testing by itself.... I see when set up the gradual drop as I am currently not dosing then the spike when I add 2 part. My calcuim reactor is now back online and looks almost balanced but need to adjust the amount of CO2...
  11. Limey

    Mail man dropped me a present!

    welcome to the club Luke...Lol Steve from Niagara corals has a lot to answer for...LMAO
  12. Limey

    Look what arrived!!

    Loving the unit watching the numbers (Steve was right) very accurate and as I dose i see the spikes and the slow decline. I must now set up the dosingby the unit to maintain the alk and PH
  13. Limey

    UV sterilizer

    I think the return pipe is overly exaggerated in the diagram as you could potentially empty your tank on a back syphon
  14. Limey

    cycling a tank.

    Have you seen how tall martin is he could probably reach the display with no problem...:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  15. Limey


    good article heavy read though...LOL
  16. Limey

    cycling a tank.

    Many reefers on a fresh set up use PRIME I know of a knowledgeable reefer who set up a tank in one day stocked it and only added prime = 0 losses. He was in a position to replace everything if it went south, but it did not. Again a very knowledgeable reefer who monitored the tank and...
  17. Limey


    Is Under the Sea open today - easter Sunday Please let me know Thanks
  18. Limey

    Sun coral

    How much Chris As I know with sun coral you must spot feed or it will die Very interested
  19. Limey

    Happy Easter! To you all

    Stay safe everyone and we will all get together soon...I hope Happy Easter to all members and their families.
  20. Limey

    Grafted Monti Caps

    Very nice