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  1. Luke_L

    Looking for breeding pairs or mature female clownfish

    I'm sorry to hear... .. alot of generacs failed duringbtge blizzard.. I will keep my eye out.
  2. Luke_L

    C02 bottle refills

    Yes sir! But I don't know about Saturdays...
  3. Luke_L

    C02 bottle refills

    I always end up going to Patrick's in st cathrines, always get me fixed up.
  4. Luke_L

    Just sharing this...

  5. Luke_L

    3d printed corner sock holder

    One day I will get a printer!
  6. Luke_L

    We postponed our dinner...

    We had a late turkey dinner (1 week) this is the shirt my boy wears to family dinner...
  7. Luke_L

    Upgraded to Radion G6's

    Anyone wanna buy squares, when he comes back to t5s? Lol
  8. Luke_L

    ISO skimmer

    Until they get a slime coat in them... but your skimmer is so oversized (Going by the numbers you put up anyways) that even a season veteran would have a hard time tuning it
  9. Luke_L

    ISO skimmer

    Yea that might be a little oversized it's probably spending most of the time shot off
  10. Luke_L

    I know the weather is trying to hang on a little bit here but I hope everybody is starting to...

    I know the weather is trying to hang on a little bit here but I hope everybody is starting to get the reef itch back since it's fall time
  11. Luke_L

    Looking for advice on two topics

    If it was me, since you are running herbie, I would leave a dedicated pump for return. Otherwise it's gonna be a PIA
  12. Luke_L

    Container for sump

    As I understand all Rubbermaid containers are food grade
  13. Luke_L

    Container for sump

    You could use one of the tanks from our sponsors at Ontario Agra they are all food grade containers... just as an idea...
  14. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    well time to take the tank off of auto pilot... lol cant see through the glass... havent even done any water tests since june.... but summer has come to a end once again.... lol...
  15. Luke_L

    Getting frustrated need some help. Drilling tank.

    I learned how to drill a tank via YouTube videos hahaha
  16. Luke_L

    Thinking about selling tank!

    This time of year it happens to me too... then once the weather turns sour i am thankful that i have the tank.... hopefully you reconsider!
  17. Luke_L

    Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy Birthday Steve AKA Niagarafirecorals
  18. Luke_L

    What a couple of days...

    on thursday at 02:30 hrs a fibre optic line was hit in niagara... ended up knocking out cogeco in half of niagara region until 11:30 yesterday.... here is where it gets wierd... the modem that reefescape runs off of was in the middle of renewing its lease for the ip address at the same time...
  19. Luke_L

    Looking for mature clownfish ♥️

    I tries to raise a clutch probably 10 years ago I made it till day 75 with 75 fry, and then I hosted a reescape meeting the next day after the meeting they started dropping like flies... I lost them all
  20. Luke_L

    Lesson Learned: Tight Fit Lid

    Gem... ouch... It makes you feel any better not many people know this But I was holding 3 gem tangs for a gentleman and he asked me to treat them with copper and they all perished...