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  1. Cliff

    Wtb fresh water planet

    I know I know it’s fresh water lol but my wife con me into setting up a little tank for her and I’m looking for some stuff for it. Maybe a piece of driftwood. Also some plants. If anyone has plants for sale, let me know.
  2. Cliff

    Container for sump

    Sorry to hear about your loss and the sickness in your family Andrew. What size containers were you looking at approximately? I don’t have anything but maybe I can keep an eye open
  3. Cliff

    Stuff for sale

    How much for the big cap?
  4. Cliff

    Trade for aqua lifter

    Let me look out in the shop. I may have one for you you can have it.
  5. Cliff

    Thinking about selling tank!

    I go through this exact same swing every year.
  6. Cliff

    Getting frustrated need some help. Drilling tank.

    Yeah I am. We must’ve met before? Lol I have two of the three things you need. I should have an aqua lifter out in the mess of crap in the garage. And I should have a drill set. I haven’t looked at them for a while but they should be in the fish room. You are welcome to have the aqua lifter or...
  7. Cliff

    Getting frustrated need some help. Drilling tank.

    where are you located?
  8. Cliff

    Coming back to the hobby ISO of stuff.

    Hi Danny. Just curious. Is your tank tempered? I see you looking for a overflow box. I used one for years. And from experience I can say it’s something hung you will always worry about. Is there any way you can drill your tank?
  9. Cliff

    Looking for overflow box or pipe

    Hi are you just setting up your tank right now. Or is it already running?
  10. Cliff

    Check this out!!!

    That’s super cool
  11. Cliff

    Palytoxin Ride

    Oh man I hope everyone is safe! I’ve had a run in with polytoxin also. Wasn't good. It made me reconsider if I even want pallys in my tank.
  12. Cliff


    Nice! Looking forward to seeing pics
  13. Cliff

    AUCTION (Gold Hammer 2 heads )

    Even at $65 this is a steal!! Wow
  14. Cliff

    Lesson Learned: Tight Fit Lid

    That sucks! I feel your pain. I’ve had a number of dart fish that actually jumped through my mesh lid needless to say I’ve stopped buying them
  15. Cliff

    ??? New Tank Setup - New build disaster! - Help

    Wow that’s great news! I always wondered why this is not standard on a new tank
  16. Cliff

    Bleaching a Reef system

    Looks great tony
  17. Cliff

    Philip’s 220g 2022

    Very nice! Those are great looking corals
  18. Cliff

    ??? New Tank Setup - New build disaster! - Help

    Oh wow so sorry to hear this :( is there anything I can do to help?
  19. Cliff

    Tricolor Polyp growing crazy

    Nice!! That’s a great problem to have.