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  1. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    It has been cleaning the front glass since friday night on it's own. Yesterday I had to touch up the 2 inch perimeter top bottom and sides. Took all of two minutes. I believe this will help stabilize the tank a little. See normally, I wait till I cant see in any more. (Limey Taught me how to...
  2. Luke_L

    Coral question: To move or not to move

    If I was in your shoes, I would move it. I lost a few nice pieces this spring because I did nothing and "hoped for the best."
  3. Luke_L

    Milka Stylophora

    Niagarafirecorals , Andre Vall if any one knows they will.
  4. Luke_L

    🔥🔥RR Ecstasy auction🔥🔥

    I agree I like these auctions, just I spent a lot of money in the last few weeks , so I cant participate on this one
  5. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    Yesterday (friday the 11) was my birthday, wife spoiled me and picked up a robosnail! I programmed it seems to work really nice I wasn't aware that it's so loud but I'll just set it for 9 everyday in the morning nobody will be home by then
  6. Luke_L

    🔥🔥RR Ecstasy auction🔥🔥

    Do I already have this one Niagarafirecorals ? Lol
  7. Luke_L

    Internet outage this am

    COGIC all was out this morning in Port Colborne for a few hours sorry for the inconvenience
  8. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    Today i recieved an error from my KHG, it ran out of reagent. i mixed a new batch, and re calibrated.... and delete the log file from the last reagent.... i love this unit.... i just got 3 months out of the last reagent. keeping it at 4 hours test interval.(maximum setting) and keeping my...
  9. Luke_L

    Added a new guy!

    That mirror trick works awesome... Unless you are Limey , you just hafta clean the glass, they arent used to seeing outside the tank... lol
  10. Luke_L

    Salt recommendation?

    For me, since I use a calcium reactor, I'm not really concerned with a top notch salt. Really I'm looking for something that is close to normal parameters... otherwise I would cause a big swing during a water change. I use purple instant ocean
  11. Luke_L

    MH reflector and socket

    I miss them so much!
  12. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    So... I git tired of fighting ph. (And my wife is super sensitive to co2. ) she gets headackes within .5 hrs of closing up the house. In screenshot below... you can see daily peeks of ph. The first four is with windows open. Then at the black indicator is where I closed the windows then you...
  13. Luke_L

    LF - drilled tank

    I searched and searched... I must have given it away...
  14. Luke_L

    LF - drilled tank

    I'm still looking, one more place to check...
  15. Luke_L

    LF - drilled tank

    I'll look I think I have 1!
  16. Luke_L

    Looking for 16" × 24" eggcrate

    Looking for a piece of black or white egg crate I tried to get some from the hardware store the other day it's just too complicated
  17. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    So... frag tank is running just going to switch lighting from fuge to frag... and get egg crate, make room in the display!
  18. Luke_L

    Raising alkalinity

    You have to mix it with Rodi water until the water is clear but use the calculator to be sure to find out how much you need
  19. Luke_L

    Roller mat

    Subscribing to this thread!
  20. Luke_L

    Glenn’s 300

    Did you go with hydros ?