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  1. seeks

    Few things live

    Shutting down my sons tank. I have a fireclown fish with amazing colours and a few frags of toadstool and 3 rocks with various corals. Fireclown $20 or trade Large rock with 2 toadstools and gsp, $45 or trade Med rock with gsp $25 or trade small rock with toadstool $15 or trade Toadstool frags...
  2. seeks

    We're official

  3. seeks

    New Project, 500G fish only!

    Wow unreal!
  4. seeks

    Thought I'd share

    I like it treat, on the tank.
  5. seeks

    Some really good stuff!!!

    Yes i do
  6. seeks

    Some really good stuff!!!

    Updated with whats left
  7. seeks

    quaranti e tank for sale

    Luigi, if u still have it, I would like to buy the setup off you
  8. seeks

    Lesson learned

    This sucks, but one thing we know, is with your skills, your tank bounce back and this won't happen again to you!
  9. seeks

    ISO skimmer

    I have a icecap k2 200 skimmer for sale that would work.
  10. seeks

    Getting frustrated need some help. Drilling tank.

    Use lots of water while drilling and take your time! It is actually really easy.
  11. seeks

    Looking for advice on two topics

    Andrew, I totally agree with you, there is tons of recommendations of moving less flow threw the sump and let your tools do their work. Also keep in mind, more water, typically means less jumps in parameters, so big sumps are NICE!
  12. seeks

    Snail Breeding = free cleanup crew

    I am so jealous!!!
  13. seeks

    Almost ready

    It looks like a star destroyer on the top, I like it!
  14. seeks

    Some really good stuff!!!

    Ok, I have recently did some big upgrades and that has left some other amazing stuff that I am not using: New still in box: LET Lighting T5 HO MIRO-4 Retrofit Kit - 60" - 2 X 80 WATT Retails for 188.99, I'm asking $120 Maxspect Gyre Flow Pump XF 330 x 2, Maxspect Gyre Controller, Maxspect...
  15. seeks

    Coming back to the hobby ISO of stuff.

    I will be posting rock, sand, skimmer, maxspect gyre 330, and lighting if interested, reach out.
  16. seeks

    Free GSP

    No sorry
  17. seeks

    Palytoxin Ride

    Wow, I have read and spoke to fellow reefers on the danger of palytoxin, but I never knew that it could go airborne! I was migrating tanks which has been a disaster to start with as I was upgrading from 125 to 165. A wicked tank, it looked 0brand new, purchased from Market Place, and told it...
  18. seeks

    Cutting a Scoly !

    Wow, amazing!
  19. seeks

    ??? New Tank Setup - New build disaster! - Help

    I was looking it and thought the same, especially tanks over 90G. It is a tank and looks good!
  20. seeks

    ??? New Tank Setup - New build disaster! - Help

    Well it wasn't cheap, and they saying goes, you get what you pay for. I purchased what I thought was a new tank from Miracles from a person that never used it. Good price and the glass was perfect...the silicone looked good, etc... good deal...nope, it leaked at almost every seam. Sometimes...