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    Growing on my rocks

    Cyano? How's the flow in that area?
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    Plumbing in a QT /frag tang

    One more question, its filled and ready to go, should I do a few 5 gallon water changes and put the old tank water in "frag" tank to balance out the system a little or is adding 30 gallons of fresh mixed salt ok? Seems like id be doing a large water change when my system is running lean to...
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    Bulk Reef Supplies Aquires Neptune Systems!

    Seen the videos, didn't realize they were doing that well!
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    LF Live Rock

    Kijiji has a few hits, one in hamilton. I will be looking for a 5-10 lbs of rock soon as well. Let me know what you find and I'll buy off you if you have leftovers
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    Starting a 16g nano

    Very nice, if your interested, I can happily donate some green mushrooms, Kenya and finger coral when your ready
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    LF: RO unit

    My RO unit needs all new filters, unit is looking a little rough these days, I dont think i can remove anymore rust without it falling apart, lol thought I'd see what people have lying around, let me know if you have something to part with And what you want for it.
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    Two options - need asterina stars, or rehome

    Just caught one, threw him in the sump. Let me know what works for you
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    Two options - need asterina stars, or rehome

    Don't worry about it, they have been fun to watch the last few months, just happy know he's taken care of
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    Two options - need asterina stars, or rehome

    Hey Luke, whats your schedule like, seems like they come put near the front of tank nightly. I should be able to nab one sometime Friday through sunday
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    Auction 🔥Splatter hammer🔥

    Sweet! Thanks
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    Free metal stand

    We have a metal stand we don't need, does anyone else? Its your typical big als metal stand Holds a tank 30x12 Stand is 28" high
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    Two options - need asterina stars, or rehome

    Lol, alright, ill let you know when we can nab him!
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    Few frags for sale.

    Pm sent
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    Two options - need asterina stars, or rehome

    Our asterina stars is coming dangerously close to depleted, I have a harelquin that is going to get hungry fast(we have 2, thought we lost one, got another, weeks later saw both out) Finding they are much more active now, all over the tank at all hours, food must be getting scarce. So, ill...
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    Plumbing in a QT /frag tang

    Tanks guys, good advice!
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    Steph’s Little 40 Gallon

    Very nice! Nice selection of corals to start with
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    MP 40 old style wet side backing plate.

    I dont have any experience with the ecotechs. Not sure how difficult those would be to model
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    MP 40 old style wet side backing plate.

    Do you have one i can dimension? Probably not as you would have suggested, lol
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    Plumbing in a QT /frag tang

    So I was able to pickup 2 drilled tanks. A 30 tall and 30 gallon standard. Not sure which i am using yet, either way they will be gravity fed back to the sump. When plumbing in supply, anyone have opinions on: separate pump to move the water from sump to QT or branoff directly off the...