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  1. Limey

    We're official

    Wow! next level congrats, site looks great
  2. Limey

    New Project, 500G fish only!

    love the corner idea different perspective for viewing, as always great job Andrew
  3. Limey

    LED/T5 Hybrid

    I have always run T5's with LED blue supplement (occasionally added metal halide) I have just removed my DIY waterproof endcaps with ballasts and replaced them with my birthday present from last January .... LOL been too busy. anyways i have just rejigged my hood to house an ATI sunpower 24" x 8...
  4. Limey

    Almost ready

    I like the background effect looks like you are looking out through a hole in the reef
  5. Limey

    B-ionic alkalinity component

    are you still in need of this, may have some if not definitely have sodium bicarbonate powder and soda ash if you need
  6. Limey

    Coming back to the hobby ISO of stuff.

    what do you need cleaning my garage out have a bunch of stuff, to sell, give away, dump... LMK text me 905 520 7856
  7. Limey

    Container for sump

    andrew i have several 55 gallon plastic drums you could cut these to whatever height you wished to create an open top container i have one i use to cure Live rock in and added a tap to drain it so you could plumb them easily. just a thought...oh! and cost is FREE!!!
  8. Limey

    Looking for Apex Classic screen unit

    My apex Classic screen froze last night and will not restart any one have a spare they would like to sell LMK please
  9. Limey

    Luke's 220

    for sure leave alone and it thrives....
  10. Limey

    Getting frustrated need some help. Drilling tank.

    Danny 905 520 7856 is my cell
  11. Limey

    Getting frustrated need some help. Drilling tank.

    If you go to Cliff's I am in Smithville you can swing by and grab bits also
  12. Limey

    Getting frustrated need some help. Drilling tank.

    I also have a full set of drill bits you are welcome to use. Cliff get the aqua lifter to me and I can deliver to st. Catharines if needs be. I work in St. Catharines
  13. Limey

    Bleaching a Reef system

    Here are some pics of the aquascaping in progress. The darker rocks in front is the live rock Rookie supplied to help seed the rock. So this will be removed in a couple weeks. Powder blue only inhabitant showing signs of stress broke out in ick this week.
  14. Limey

    Philip’s 220g 2022

    Very nice looking tank
  15. Limey

    Bleaching a Reef system

    Some pics of aquascaping on left
  16. Limey

    We have a great community.

    As title states we have an amazing community here at reefescape. As everyone knows by my thread I had a manjano problem not 100's probably 1000's. I have a 240 gallon system, and decided to tear down and bleach the rock, sand, tank and all, just to ensure I removed them. Well I have 30+ years...
  17. Limey

    Bleaching a Reef system

    So here we are 12 days into fish in holding tanks and main tank cycling with fresh saltwater alpha and high nutrient bacteria. All best laid plans out the window as I came home Friday after work to find my tangs on the bottom of the holding tank gasping for air. The water was a milky colour so...
  18. Limey

    water temperature

    78 is my goal and my apex keeps it there between 78 and 78.5 only fluctuation is in the summer if AC is off then it steadily climbs to 80+ also with the halide I have what and turn it off to stop the temperature increase.
  19. Limey

    Bleaching a Reef system

    yes thanks I have added high nutrient bacteria to the system waiting 7 - 10 days then adding live stock
  20. Limey

    Bleaching a Reef system

    Rock pulled out of bleach bath sprayed with vinegar, rised in RO water and now in a 35 Gallon drum with RODI water and Aquavitro Alpha.