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  1. Philip

    C02 bottle refills

    Thanks Luke, Is this the location and is it open Saturday for walk-ins? 48 Page St Suite 46 St Catharines, ON, L2R 4A7 Canada
  2. Philip

    C02 bottle refills

    C02 Bottle refills, whats the closest place to Grimsby to get C02 refills for calcium reactor.
  3. Philip

    Check this out!!!

    Would love a coaster with this design or similar for my daily cups of Tea! Amazing attention to detail and subject matter :)
  4. Philip

    Phytoplankton Culture

    Planning to setup a live phytoplankton culture to dose into system, does anyone have a starter culture available in Niagara or Hamilton area ?
  5. Philip

    High Magnesium - won't reduce

    I have had high magnesium for a couple of months at least, haven't dosed it either in about a month and its still rock steady at 1600 or so, I auto water change a gallon a day so thats the only source, where before I also dosed daily. I did raise magnesium when I had Bryopsis pop up and it never...
  6. Philip

    Bare bottom reef?

    After being almost poisoned by silicone fumes (wearing a respirator is recommended), I sanded it and filled with water, still has the whitish appearance without the detritus trap that I wanted to avoid. Happy with it.
  7. Philip


    Mission complete man
  8. Philip

    Bare bottom reef?

    I went bare bottom after years of sand, it’s just too difficult to keep clean with rocks and coral getting in the way so I switched to bare bottom, kind of. Went with white marine board, siliconed in place, then sanded the board to create more surface area for bacteria. Been happy with the...
  9. Philip

    Lesson Learned: Tight Fit Lid

    Lost a Gem Tang the very same way, forgot to put the lid on one night, I have a euro brace now and don't need the mesh any more. Might be worth buying some glass to create a brace if you don't mind that to prevent the same issue, mesh can be a bit of a pain.
  10. Philip


    Bought a few Zoa at under the sea, 3 for $50, basically three bunches of Zoa for $50, awesome deal, Love that place. not 100% sure what I bought ?
  11. Philip

    AUCTION (Gold Hammer 2 heads )

    I know I don't have any more room, but, that's tomorrows problem, lol. $65
  12. Philip

    Snail Breeding = free cleanup crew

    don't be, I killed way more over the years than are popping up :)
  13. Philip

    Snail Breeding = free cleanup crew

    Lots of snails popping up from my sump, they look like banded Trochus ? black bodies and can right themselves up when upside down. Love free snails 🐌
  14. Philip

    Clean in Place (CIP) Sump

    Good point, the overflow would need to be closed at the same time the return pump is turned off - I think thats achievable if I add a shut off below the existing control valve - Having the sump Isolated is definitely needed for Skimmer function.
  15. Philip

    Clean in Place (CIP) Sump

    I want to have a way to clean my sump or keep it clean by having my Skimmer do all the work! What do you think of the idea of circulating water to create regular "turbulence events" with return pump off and skimmer on and one or two pumps circulating from the chambers you want clean to the...
  16. Philip

    ORP Probe

    I did, I ran ozone at the time and wanted to control a generator. Ultimately it became too much of a worry with children in the house and my ability to capture off gassing with carbon so I switched to UV and stopped looking at ORP (apex system). It's probably the best way to notice if you have...
  17. Philip

    Philip’s 220g 2022

    Built two LED strip lights. Picked up the LED from UnderTheSea. DIY soldering and Aluminium, integrated into my Lighting Rig, happy with the result. I have three AI SOL’s , six T5, one ReefBright and now two mixed Blue LED strips.
  18. Philip

    Bryopsis and Fluconazole

    its almost gone after a week, one more week to go but so far so good.
  19. Philip

    Philip’s 220g 2022

    Added some awesome coral to the system - plate and Lobophyllia from under the sea, Goni and chalice from Niagara fire corals.
  20. Philip

    🔥Auction time again🔥

    Let the bidding begin, $30 offered, very nice Goni but I really just want the T-shirt :)