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  1. Luke_L

    One of the reasons I love KHG

    One of the reasons I love KHG is because they make YouTube videos on how to maintain , diagnose and repair the unit. They don't really care... they have a good unit, parts are readily available, and cheap... the CEO if the company will answer PM's at 8 in the morning on a Sunday... I just...
  2. Luke_L

    Happy birthday Steve

    Happy birthday Steve Niagarafirecorals hope you have a good one
  3. Luke_L

    Bad luck with red sea....

    Lately... had some bad luck with red sea alk test.... reagent was still within best before date... but had very poor color, and even worse color transition. anyways... i must admit their customer service is the best... i mean their service is right up there with KHG . they responded almost...
  4. Luke_L

    Bulk Reef Supplies Aquires Neptune Systems!

    yes thats Right.... Brs just aquired Neptune Systems. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4jrqvrxwlf6l0ys/PR-NS-260721-NS%26BRS.pdf?dl=0
  5. Luke_L

    Frags for sale...

    Frags for re-Homing... Bonzai, Green Elkhorn, Forest fire Digi, Tricolor. 15$ each... G.S.P. is free..... (while supplies last)
  6. Luke_L

    MP 40 old style wet side backing plate.

    By Any chance has anyone come accross a 3d print file for old school mp40 wet side backing plate? cant buy them anymore.. and a complete wetside is 100 bucks... i have enought parts to make half a dozen wetsides if i had a 3d print file for the backingplate that used to break and fail...
  7. Luke_L

    In search of Apex classic brain

    Just seeing what's out there for an apex classic brain after 13 years I don't know what happened to mine but it shut down tonight and I can't recover it.
  8. Luke_L

    Fruit tray.

    Was my birthday last weekend. The big 40... 😭😭😭😭 the fruit tray my father in law made was reef tank based.. looked better in person.
  9. Luke_L

    Internet outage this am

    COGIC all was out this morning in Port Colborne for a few hours sorry for the inconvenience
  10. Luke_L

    Looking for 16" × 24" eggcrate

    Looking for a piece of black or white egg crate I tried to get some from the hardware store the other day it's just too complicated
  11. Luke_L

    Scheduled maintainance

    Reefescape will be down from midnight on sat till 1230 Sunday morning. ( half hour in total ) . Thanks for understanding.
  12. Luke_L

    Wanted, tlf 150 reactor lid...

    Looking for the lid for a to little fishes 150 media reactor, building another project...
  13. Luke_L

    3500 peak, 3000 continious generator $300

    3500 Watt peak 3000w continuous Champion generator 72 hrs, Big enough to run the camper with AC... ( had no problem running the 220 gallon reef and furnace in the house and frigerator and Lighting in the house all at the same time) Only selling cuzz upgraded to duel fuel
  14. Luke_L

    C02 Absorbent

    Hey Luigi Is there a co2 absorbent (soda Lime) that is available in bulk? or is that a medical field thing that would be hard to get right now?
  15. Luke_L

    Waiting to see what happens.

    Waiting to see what happens this green Elkhorn has Bean breaching the surface for a few days now
  16. Luke_L

    Mail man dropped me a present!

    Took a long time to get this but I got one finally Looking forward to playing with this...
  17. Luke_L

    want to try a monti?

    i have to thin out my red monti cap, i am using way more alkalinity than i like.... personally i would consider red monti cap a beginner sps.... they are a little more forgiving than most.... if you want to try it out.... let me know... come pick some up.... free of charge.... just dont let me...
  18. Luke_L

    Apparently i let my bulbs Go too far... lol

    Recently, i wasn't getting the growth i normally get, and even my grandis palythoas didn't look happy.... i shrugged it off and kept testing water.... meanwhile i knew that my bulbs where about 14 months old, (i run long hours too) finally i got into a discussion with Steve at Niagarafirecorals...
  19. Luke_L

    Apex users... Ever forget your skimmer on manual on?

    so often i forget my skimmer on the manual on..(when doing tank maintaince i turn it on manual on otherwise it is flipping on and off while i am playing with water levels) . then few days later the skimmer cup gets full... the float switch is activated.... and skimmer keeps pumping onto the...
  20. Luke_L

    showing off my DIY magnetic stirrer....

    i repurposed some old parts from my khg... i built a megnetic stirrer... i never thought testing tank water could be so easy...