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  1. seeks

    Secords 125

    Yes, I will be getting to those in the next few days, oh yeah!
  2. seeks


    I'm dosing all in reef and I have been noticing that the return hose is clogging, does anyone have a solution to stop it from clogging? Should I run the hard hose right into the water?
  3. seeks

    Razor Leaf Macro Algae

    I'm in and Luke, I have a ton of razor as well if you need some... courtesy of Tony.
  4. seeks

    Looking for Acrylic

    Well I was able to get a piece for a decent price of 4 x 8ft out of Vineland! Design in the process and then off for cutting!
  5. seeks

    Looking for Acrylic

    I'm looking at building a custom sump, plumbing through the basement to a fish room. Does anyone have a suggestion to purchase acrylic for this build?
  6. seeks


    It looks like that was the trick, as almost all the cyano is gone and stuff is looking amazing! Now I want to add some chaeto.
  7. seeks


    Im in!
  8. seeks

    Secords 125

    I did some monkeying around and it appears the sump light was my issue. Tank is starting to get back to were it was and cyano is almost all gone on its own. I had to include some more pics.
  9. seeks

    RO vs RODI Water

    I would go with the RODI!
  10. seeks

    Secords 125

    Ok, I'm done for now.
  11. seeks

    Secords 125

    Some more
  12. seeks

    Secords 125

    Just a little update... now just cyano.
  13. seeks


    Well with all newer tanks, you are destined to have some algae or maybe not, but I am. One thing I have noticed, I am getting hair algae on my ceramic blocks and balls. Insert comment here hahah. Yes, they are in the refugium and pump return area and are getting light from the refugium. I...
  14. seeks

    Boredom creates projects!

    Looks good!
  15. seeks

    Wanted, tlf 150 reactor lid...

    Luke where did you find the replacement lid?
  16. seeks

    RO DI Replacement

    What filters do you use for replacement and where do you get them?
  17. seeks

    WTB T5

    If you have a T5 unit or bars, preferably 60", but 48" could work, please message me!
  18. seeks

    Just a good laugh!

    I have been in this hobby for a while, with both success and lots of failure. I consider myself on the low end of knowledge, but have done tons of research. Practices change as time changes (Deep Sand Bed to no sand bed, MH to led to T5, etc...), but one thing that does not change, little...