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    Anyone out markham or guelph way?

    Found a good deal on some artificial turf for my back yard. $1.50 a sq ft. They have warehouses in guelph and markham 2 issues - I don't have a truck, I don't get out to Markham or guelph very often, lol Any travel through there on a regular basis and have a pickup? Rolls are 6' long. Be happy...
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    Dosing pump setups

    Hey all, I know of at least one guy that will jump in here. I've had a jabeo 4 head doser sitting here for about a year looking to finally set it up. Kalk is the first thing - anyone have preferences for brands? Other than that, everything else tested within tolerance. Magnesium could come...
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    Tank clean up

    Big thanks to Tony for his help re-aquascaping! Tank is coming together, just have to go through the large amount of rocks stored in my sump now! And find a home for al the corals I left in there. Will try to get better pictures another time, but look at the large rock on the left and all the...
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    LF - Rock - dry or otherwise

    Just looking for some good porous rock. Will be redoing some of my rockwork and could use some nice pieces ontop the base rock. Let me know what you have and how much $$
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    Tank restructuring - lots up for sale

    Seriously, I don't know half the names of the stuff I have. The only items I'm tied to is my monticaps. Almost everything else is up for offers. Will post pics soon
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    Killing time - arcade build

    Third one in the last few months, getting better everytime! Thinking a reef theme is long overdue!
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    Free fish tank

    Who needs one? Think it's 30 gallon, 36" x 12" x 19"
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    Who needs green mushrooms? Got more than I know what to do with, can give you a nice 5lb rock with them. Will to trade for a nice mushroom free rock, lol Pictures to follow
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    Bta vs torch

    Our BTA is MIA. So our BTA hasn't moved since being placed in the tank, and the tech and bta have lived side by side for months. But the torch has doubled in size since getting him from Limey , I think the torch won a turf battle and the bta is somewhere in the rockwork trying to find a new...
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    Hammer - 4 head

    Open for trades or offers 4 head, just placed in sand bed, doesn't like the flow, lol I'll try to get better pictures
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    LF: RO unit

    My RO unit needs all new filters, unit is looking a little rough these days, I dont think i can remove anymore rust without it falling apart, lol thought I'd see what people have lying around, let me know if you have something to part with And what you want for it.
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    Free metal stand

    We have a metal stand we don't need, does anyone else? Its your typical big als metal stand Holds a tank 30x12 Stand is 28" high
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    Two options - need asterina stars, or rehome

    Our asterina stars is coming dangerously close to depleted, I have a harelquin that is going to get hungry fast(we have 2, thought we lost one, got another, weeks later saw both out) Finding they are much more active now, all over the tank at all hours, food must be getting scarce. So, ill...
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    Plumbing in a QT /frag tang

    So I was able to pickup 2 drilled tanks. A 30 tall and 30 gallon standard. Not sure which i am using yet, either way they will be gravity fed back to the sump. When plumbing in supply, anyone have opinions on: separate pump to move the water from sump to QT or branoff directly off the...
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    Free Serpent star

    Anyone need a black brittle star, I somehow ended up with 3 in the tank, lol Fair warning, its a good size
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    Reflector material

    Hello again all, hammer tone was the material of choice when building a diy light, is this still the case? And if so, where is the best place to purchase? Thanks in advance!
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    Poly labs filter

    Ok, so I realize we are probably 5 years behind the times, but still impressed by how well the filter works, before and after below with no post processing, just clipped the filter on and snapped. Good purchase! Are there any good apps for aquarium photography?
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    Coral question: To move or not to move

    Anemone looks like its getting ready to split, getting larger every day.its now encroaching on the jack o lantern. Do I try and get something under the jack o lantern? Pry it out? Or just leave it and hope for the best?
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    Added a new guy!

    Added a mimic tang, the Powder Blue was NOT happy. Powder boxed him in for about an hour, wouldn't let him leave. Took a large mirror and covered the front of the tank with it, powder retreated to a corner of the tank (with no mirror for the night) Removed mirror tonight, things seem much more...
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    LF - drilled tank

    Hello again all, If anyone was thinking of selling a 10 or 20 gallon (ish ) tank thats drilled, im looking to buy!