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    Bare bottom reef?

    What about a compromise? Egg crate on bottom, place rocks in, put in just enough sand to cover the egg crate out front?
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    Anyone out markham or guelph way?

    Found a good deal on some artificial turf for my back yard. $1.50 a sq ft. They have warehouses in guelph and markham 2 issues - I don't have a truck, I don't get out to Markham or guelph very often, lol Any travel through there on a regular basis and have a pickup? Rolls are 6' long. Be happy...
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    ??? New Tank Setup - New build disaster! - Help

    Could always be worse right? Could have been weeks after the move, at least you caught it early. Tank looks great
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    ??? New Tank Setup - New build disaster! - Help

    That's crazy. I'm assuming you're going to re silicone? I did that once on a large hex tank, think it was 80 gallon. It turned out well even though I wasn't great at it. It's a slow tedious project, but may be worth it since you have the other tank running
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    Bleaching a Reef system

    Looks great, should have lots of free space up front for all the frags/corals you tend to collect
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    Bleaching a Reef system

    Great start!
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    Bleaching a Reef system

    Like I said before, very brave! Especially with that livestock. Some nice ones there.
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    Dosing pump setups

    Hey all, I know of at least one guy that will jump in here. I've had a jabeo 4 head doser sitting here for about a year looking to finally set it up. Kalk is the first thing - anyone have preferences for brands? Other than that, everything else tested within tolerance. Magnesium could come...
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    Tank clean up

    Big thanks to Tony for his help re-aquascaping! Tank is coming together, just have to go through the large amount of rocks stored in my sump now! And find a home for al the corals I left in there. Will try to get better pictures another time, but look at the large rock on the left and all the...
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    🔥Auction Chalice colony🔥

    Was going to jump in for 30! Missed the deadline
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    Tricolor Polyp growing crazy

    Isn't that the way! Looks great though
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    Bleaching a Reef system

    Your a brave man!
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    LF - Rock - dry or otherwise

    Just looking for some good porous rock. Will be redoing some of my rockwork and could use some nice pieces ontop the base rock. Let me know what you have and how much $$
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    Tank restructuring - lots up for sale

    There's a nice size Duncan, Jack o lantern, lots of what I've been told is superman mushrooms, Mix of hammers, etc
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    Tank restructuring - lots up for sale

    Seriously, I don't know half the names of the stuff I have. The only items I'm tied to is my monticaps. Almost everything else is up for offers. Will post pics soon
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    Free fish tank

    Will do, crazy busy right now, will cancel out some time!
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    Happy Birthday Limey

    Happy birthday from us as well!
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    Free fish tank

    Yes, its available
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    Live rock base

    Typically egg crate seems to be the go to, always worked for me anyways,
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    Killing time - arcade build

    Third one in the last few months, getting better everytime! Thinking a reef theme is long overdue!