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  1. coachV


    Hey guys, I acquired a 7' 220 gal reef and managed to get it to my driveway last weekend. I'm looking for 4 guys who could help me bring it in th house. Saturday June 25th in the arternoon. I'm in west lincoln ( between Fenwick and Smithville). Here is my number if anyone wants to text me...
  2. coachV

    Bare bottom reef?

    After struggling with nitrate for almost 3 years, I’m taking down the reef, removing the gravel I have. I chose a coarse gravel because I liked the look but didn’t realize how much it was going to trap detritus. do I’m thinking of going care bottom instead of sand. Any suggestions? Any...
  3. coachV

    ISO rocks

    Hey guys I’m looking for rocks. Please contact me if you have anything. Thank you
  4. coachV

    Specs for fish only w live rocks

    Hi everyone. I’m setting up a system for fish only. What are your opinion on: temp, salinity filtration etc? The plan is no inverts or corals. Only fish. thank you.
  5. coachV

    Wanted aquarium movers

    Looking for someone who can move a large aquarium in the niagara area. Contact me for details. Thank you.
  6. coachV

    Dying sps

    Hello everyone. Hard summer over here for most of my sps attempts. i lost many and I did have a big Alk swing that I associated all my troubles to. i was chatting with a fellow reefer today who suggested that I may have more going on. Because many / most of my acros who died started at the...
  7. coachV

    Growing on my rocks

    Ok… how much trouble am I in THIS TIME? Can anyone tell me what this is and how to deal with it please?
  8. coachV

    ISO a pump for my calcium reactor

    Hi guys. i have a geo calcium reactor and I need a feeding pump for it. I have the peristaltic one already. Maybe a eheim or any other pump that could feed water through it. Please let me know if you have anything.
  9. coachV

    Salinity and fish

    I’m picking up a fish this weekend. The owner has it at 0.013 my Qt is at 0.020. What’s the best way to acclimate it? I’d like to introduce the tang to my reef eventually 1.025. Any recommendations are welcome. Thank you.
  10. coachV

    Lucky we can get stunning corals locally.

    Niagarafirecorals NEVER disappoints. Thank you for these stunning corals.
  11. coachV

    I have never seen this before

    This is what I believe happened to this cleaner wrasse. He got slashed by a tang. I have seen him irritate the kole to a point where it would chase the wrasse away. It looked really bad at first but it slowly healing. So next time another reefer tells me his tang cut another one to pieces in...
  12. coachV

    What’s wrong with this parrotfish ?

    Hey guys this parrotfish has been in my system for 8 months now just this week he started having this “ shiny” rash on its back you can see it just beside the dorsal fin on this picture any ideas?
  13. coachV


    I have had conversations with too many reefers to list here about this topic..... I have implemented MANY great suggestions like: Water changes, biopellets, NOPOX, nitra-guard bio cubes from orca lab, ran the tank without fish for 12 weeks ( for parasites reasons but still ), starved the system...
  14. coachV

    cycling a tank.

    About to start cycling a new system that will be FOWLR. Should I use bacteria in a bottle? Can I use the media from other tanks to speed up the process ( I know nothing in this hobby happens fast ). I have a few live rocks and could hook up a filter from another system to it. So much...
  15. coachV

    ISO live rocks

    Looking for some liverock. Thanks.
  16. coachV

    FOWLR system and water

    I'm actuallt more curious than anything as I'll use RO but, to set up a FOWLR system, could we use tap water? I'm on a well. I'm setting up another system and as I'm making water for it I was wondering if we only use RO protect our corals. I can't answer my own question so I came here. Thank you.
  17. coachV

    Hawaiian flame wrasse.

    Will need to figure out these lenses some are using for better pictures ... I’m the meantime I took a few pics of my flame wrasse today. One of my fav in my reef.
  18. coachV

    Berghia nudibranchs

    Got some of these little guys from a fellow reefer last week. He took the time to share his experience with them and how to breed them. I noticed coils of eggs this morning but they may have been there for a few days. Just wanted to share a few pictures. They are exceptionally voracious for...
  19. coachV

    Newbie remarks

    Still at my baby steps with sps but today I clearly noticed this. About 45 min after a 20 gal water change, I could see polyps on many of my colonies and frags. My system is about 200gal total. Very interesting to see the almost immediate reaction. I change 2 gal automatically every night but...
  20. coachV

    ISO Apex screen

    Purchased a used APEX classic and the screen was broken. In search of aother one. Please message me if you have anything.