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  1. coachV


    Hey guys, I acquired a 7' 220 gal reef and managed to get it to my driveway last weekend. I'm looking for 4 guys who could help me bring it in th house. Saturday June 25th in the arternoon. I'm in west lincoln ( between Fenwick and Smithville). Here is my number if anyone wants to text me...
  2. coachV

    Snail Breeding = free cleanup crew

    Yes, I agree with Luke…. A bit envious.
  3. coachV

    🔥Anacropora colony auction🔥

    Wow!! I can’t believe this!! Ill Context you to pay and pickup. Thank you !!
  4. coachV

    🔥Anacropora colony auction🔥

    That’s good news for me 😂
  5. coachV

    🔥Anacropora colony auction🔥

    Ends June 4th?
  6. coachV

    Bare bottom reef?

    After struggling with nitrate for almost 3 years, I’m taking down the reef, removing the gravel I have. I chose a coarse gravel because I liked the look but didn’t realize how much it was going to trap detritus. do I’m thinking of going care bottom instead of sand. Any suggestions? Any...
  7. coachV

    ISO rocks

    Oh yes please! Thank you
  8. coachV

    ISO rocks

    Hey guys I’m looking for rocks. Please contact me if you have anything. Thank you
  9. coachV

    Thank you to Ontario AGRA

    Yes me too. It’s a really good idea.
  10. coachV

    🔥Auction 🔥 Cyphastrea / stylo frag pack

    ok ... I thought I was wrong Steve.... Bid at 60$
  11. coachV

    🔥Auction 🔥 Cyphastrea / stylo frag pack

    In case I’m not too late, 50$
  12. coachV

    🔥Auction 🔥 Cyphastrea / stylo frag pack

    Oh I thought March 13th sorry. I’m too late 😕
  13. coachV

    Looking to borrow a 4 ft tank for a few weeks

    I have 60 gallons 4’ long if you’d like.