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    🔥Auction time again🔥

    I didn’t even realize until after I bid maybe next time
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    Dosing pump setups

    if you are considering kalk and you have a smaller system brightwell kalk + 2 has magnesium and strontium in it. I personally use cheaper stuff as I have larger system. Even going to alphachem and buying bulk. The only problem with bulk it degrades unless you have good seal as you store it.
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    I hear yah. May build one ive seen a few diy s
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    Have a couple of damsels that have taken a liking to acans anyone have any trap ideas?
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    Happy Birthday Glenn

    Thanks bud
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    C02 Absorbent

    I priced a bunch of chemicals at alpha Chen I think sofa lime beaded was 110 for 22kg
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    Glenns 300

    Everyone is settling in
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    Glenns 300

    Let the cycle begin
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    Glenn’s 300

    Yes.... thought I would try it out. I figured it may stick around as coralvue has produced it. Plus I already had the wave engine
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    Roller mat

    Anybody have thoughts on roller mats? Experience?
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    Glenn’s 300

    waiting for controller...... on its way now. Stretching it out as long as I can. Changed my mind on some stuff. Might go filter roller route now. Built cabinet doors. Flooring going in next week. Doing full basement Reno and tank at the same time can be costly. We will catch up sooner or later.
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    refugium lighting......

    Seems like a lot of cash for a 20w light.
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    Glenn’s 300

    Be a little while yet. Kinda want to get all ducks in a row first. Last time I jumped in too quickly just makes for headaches.