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    🔥Auction time again🔥

    I didn’t even realize until after I bid maybe next time
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    Dosing pump setups

    if you are considering kalk and you have a smaller system brightwell kalk + 2 has magnesium and strontium in it. I personally use cheaper stuff as I have larger system. Even going to alphachem and buying bulk. The only problem with bulk it degrades unless you have good seal as you store it.
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    I hear yah. May build one ive seen a few diy s
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    Have a couple of damsels that have taken a liking to acans anyone have any trap ideas?
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    Happy Birthday Glenn

    Thanks bud
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    C02 Absorbent

    I priced a bunch of chemicals at alpha Chen I think sofa lime beaded was 110 for 22kg
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    Glenns 300

    Everyone is settling in
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    Glenns 300

    Let the cycle begin