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I'm headed to the show tomorrow and I am gonna wear my Reefescape shirt haha ha
Awesome catching up with old friends today. Great to see Reef Escapee representing 😝
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Hey if you haven't got that communicating I'm assuming you're probably busy or did you happen to get rid of the skimmer already
sorry I was using voice to text in the car what I meant to say is I haven't heard from you in a couple days I'm assuming you're probably busy or are you possibly got rid of the skimmer if you have a chance to message me go ahead 905-394-2303
I know the weather is trying to hang on a little bit here but I hope everybody is starting to get the reef itch back since it's fall time
Hi Codie, depending on size and look I'd be interested. Not sure what you're looking for but does 150 bucks sound fair?
Hey Everyone!
I’m Calvin and excited to be a new member of Reef Escape!!

My Tank:IM Lagoon 25 AIO, AI Prime Reef, MP10,Filtration: filter floss, sponge , chemi pure. Tank age: Day 176.

Hope to be part of discussions and any meet ups!


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Welcome to reefescape. There are some very knowledable members here. And everyone is very friendly. This time of year is a little slow, but all in all, good experience...