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  1. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    I didn't know such a thing existed... I might hsfta come for a visit.. This is week 2 of raising the magnesium and it is slowly dying off, I don't see any other ill effects from the elevated magnesium.
  2. Luke_L

    Looking for 1tbs of PraziPro

    I gave mine to Limey to give to somebody else but I can't remember who
  3. Luke_L

    One of the reasons I love KHG

    One of the reasons I love KHG is because they make YouTube videos on how to maintain , diagnose and repair the unit. They don't really care... they have a good unit, parts are readily available, and cheap... the CEO if the company will answer PM's at 8 in the morning on a Sunday... I just...
  4. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    I have some palys and some monti's, and some yumas that will be impossible to irradicate...
  5. Luke_L

    Secords 125

    Fish tank season is back... lol any updates?
  6. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    I bumped magnesium up to 1800 ish... in an attempt to kill the byropsis.... in my experience... only high magnesium or hyposalinity will erradicate it...
  7. Luke_L

    Luke's 220

    so the tank survived the summer on auto pilot... (i was so buisy this summer) with work going crazy... all this pandemic crap, and the 1000km bibycle commitement i made in august for the sick kids hospital.... i didn't touch the tank for most of july and not at all in august.... to my...
  8. Luke_L

    Glenns 300

  9. Luke_L

    Look what arrived!!

    KHG how often should we be greasing the reagent pump tube?
  10. Luke_L

    Happy birthday Steve

    Happy birthday Steve Niagarafirecorals hope you have a good one
  11. Luke_L

    10’ Display Tank

    Are you still running T fives
  12. Luke_L

    Luigi's 125 changes

    Me as well Luigi I will donate to the cause!
  13. Luke_L

    Steph’s Little 40 Gallon

    I agree. I have seen the result of anemone in the drain!
  14. Luke_L

    Bad luck with red sea....

    Lately... had some bad luck with red sea alk test.... reagent was still within best before date... but had very poor color, and even worse color transition. anyways... i must admit their customer service is the best... i mean their service is right up there with KHG . they responded almost...
  15. Luke_L

    AUCTION 🔥RR Rainbow Twizzler 🔥

    Lol I'm the exact same way...