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New Project, 500G fish only!

Andrew D

Active member
Feb 27, 2021
Hi everyone. Life is busy and I don't have a lot of time (or frankly at my age energy) for long build threads but I do plan to post some pictures of my progress on this site. Although not as well travelled as some, it's local, friendly and frequented by some who've been to my place and I've been to theirs, and lots can be said about that! Anyway, I will provide more background on the tank in a future post, but for now I'd really like some feedback on my aquascape.

The tank is a custom 66 by 48 by 36 inch tall tank, holding approximately 500G according to an online calculator. I've always wanted a cube but I also wanted to maximize the space I had so i went a little longer as well. It's tucked into a corner with the overflow built into an open wall, so viewable from 2 sides. Lots of aquascape options at this size, and I've spent the last year collecting live rock predominately from people leaving the hobby but also a few choice pieces from REd at CRS.

My original plan was to go with three islands, large one in the back corner, small one in the front left corner and a middle sized one in the middle but closer to the large one and up against the glass. I wanted a fair bit of negative space for fish to swim. When I started to set up the rock though (had to get in the tank to do it which was fun), because of the tank height I had to go wide on the large island to get as tall as I wanted without looking like a tower which encroached on the space for the middle island. I tinkered for a bit and then said WTH and got rid of the middle island. SO now I have one large island with a nice horseshoe space (best seen unfortunately from the top) built with nice large interestingly textured rocks with lots of arches and crevices. The pictures don't do it justice unfortunately, from the short side it looks like a rock wall but in person it is more dynamic.

Anyway, pictures are enclosed. I have already decided to move a couple of the large rocks at the top of the large structure to better fit the grade and also to build up the small island in the front, maybe even connect it to the larger one. I really want to complete the fill (which is touch to do if I'm still getting into the tank) so I'm asking for feedback now.

Thanks in advance.


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New member
Feb 23, 2021
It is looking really good Andrew, the only thing that is important is how you feel about it. Since you are asking for feedback: I agree with your decission to build up the small island, it would benefit from a little more height.