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Recent content by Will Penfold

  1. Will Penfold

    AUCTION...🔥Softie frag pack🔥

    Ok well I'll open up the bidding at the $30.
  2. Will Penfold

    Razor Leaf Macro Algae

    crap I totally forgot about the red monti! but thanks man sounds good/ let me know when you want to stop by.
  3. Will Penfold

    Razor Leaf Macro Algae

    both of you are welcome to a handful of it- its growing quite steadily in my fuge. As for if its a caulerpa, I don't believe it is. I'm in Dunnville if you want to take a trip out to grab some razor leaf.
  4. Will Penfold

    Razor Leaf Macro Algae

    oh right on-ill definitely check that out
  5. Will Penfold

    Razor Leaf Macro Algae

    Its been a while since my last post, busy spring and all. But wanted to post about razor leaf macro algae. Both Limey and Cliff suggested I try it out instead of chaeto. As a side note, I cannot grow chaeto whatsoever- it keeps dying. Anyways, Cliff gave me some razor leaf about 2 months ago...
  6. Will Penfold

    New 90 gallon tank

    brutal man. yeah it sucks when it happens
  7. Will Penfold

    New 90 gallon tank

    Little update on the tank. Didn't take any photos of the mess. So I use a 44 gallon brute trash bin as my salt water mixing bucket. Its on a dolly so that I can wheel it in and out of the room I store it in. anyways, last night one of the wheels gave out on it and I got 44 gallons of salt...
  8. Will Penfold

    cycling a tank.

    I'd use the bottled bacteria for sure. Used to think it was snake oil, but have used it in my past two tanks and my cycle was over in less than a week each time. Used BioSpira both times, however I've also heard good things about Microbacter & Dr.Tims....Microbacter and Biospira are cheaper...
  9. Will Penfold

    want to try a monti?

    Cool thanks man!
  10. Will Penfold


    What are your nitrates currently at? and how old is the tank? is it newer?
  11. Will Penfold

    UV sterilizer

    Nice. That looks like a good plan!. Mine's a bit different, where instead of reconnecting to the one return line, I just have a 2nd return line from the UV back into display, however you plan accomplishes the same thing.
  12. Will Penfold

    Frags for sale/trade

    interested. messaging you.
  13. Will Penfold

    want to try a monti?

    Hey Luke, any monti left? if so I'd like to grab a piece off you.
  14. Will Penfold

    New 90 gallon tank

    Updated shot of the tank. Starting to fill it in with mostly softies. Thanks to Cliff for the RBTA. In typical anemone fashion, it picked an inconvenient spot to stay.
  15. Will Penfold

    Clowns and Anemone

    In my old tank, had about 8 RBTA's and a pair of Ocellaris. In the 3ish years the tank was running, my ocellaris never hosted in an anemone.