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Almost ready

Andrew D

Active member
Feb 27, 2021
I don't know if I'm looking in the right place but I don't really see it. I do really like the rock work and the backdrop, gives it great perspective. Nice job!


Staff member
Feb 12, 2021
I like the background effect looks like you are looking out through a hole in the reef


Sep 4, 2022
All right I'm going to post a few pictures I would like to so far thank cliff Tony Luke and Brian for advice and chats and help when needed. I am still looking for my go-to fish store. I would also like to think Bill Michelle for coming out to the house I'm taking your peek at everything and giving me a thumbs up. Right now I am running skimmerless with natural filtration I built my own sump after I drilled the tank right now it does have filter socks because I had just cleaned the tank before taking pictures however I only run the filters talks for a day or so after I do a major cleaning. The ulva sea lettuce was only large enough to fill a small ziplock bag when I got it just one month ago it is growing like absolute crazy. I built my own algae scrubber this is the second version and this is its fourth day running as you can see it is already growing stuff like crazy I would thinking about 2 weeks I should have green algae growing on it. Theology scrubber also took the diatom Bloom out of my tank. And I assume the sea lettuce is helping with that as well. I was using different forms of lighting on the refugium and scrubber and ended up with a low powered but still probably too much power LOL cannabis grow light it has perfect spectrum for growing plants and seems to be making everything thrive ridiculously well also at a very low cost. I made my overflow box myself drilled the tank myself cut all the acrylic for the sump and the scrubber all myself I'm pretty happy of this one I made plans of everything so that I could remake any parts or scrubbers if I needed to. Looking forward to getting some livestock possibly treating that skimmer for some. All of my corals just for the record where just small frags when I got them and they are about 2 months old I know the toadstool is supposed to grow fast but I'm amazed at how big it has gotten it is now three heads with a fourth already growing so if anyone wants one let me know it is free unless you want to give me something that's a nuisance in your tank. I have a mixture of lights on the aquarium as well I took apart an old high-end metal halide cabinet took out all the compact fluorescence any extra electronics I installed three more ultra quiet computer fans two 40 in actinic blue LED strips one on the front one on the back. They are each on their own separate timer now also have a left and right $250 watt metal halide bulbs both 14k and again each on their own timer. All of my timers including the algae scrubber the algae lights and all of the aquarium lights etc are being run off smart outlets plugged into a power bar and all control via one app on my phone and a touch screen computer in the same room. I plan on incorporating an auto top off unit still some sort of a DIY dosing system for chemicals and stuff thanks for taking a peek.


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