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High Magnesium - won't reduce


New member
Mar 27, 2022
I have had high magnesium for a couple of months at least, haven't dosed it either in about a month and its still rock steady at 1600 or so, I auto water change a gallon a day so thats the only source, where before I also dosed daily. I did raise magnesium when I had Bryopsis pop up and it never went down (lesson learned).

After educating myself a little I think the magnesium and carbonate have bonded and this would explain why I have high magnesium and alkalinity as the coral are not able to take it up efficiently, and also the same reason why the measure is not reducing, my coral growth has been slower than before but I have blamed the tank move, now I think its the issue as explained in the video.

Wanted to share the link for those that may also find it useful, it has good information throughout.

going to do a water butt volume change in one day and see if I can get the magnesium down.

Has anyone else experienced this type of scenario with magnesium ?
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