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What a couple of days...


Staff member
Feb 12, 2021
on thursday at 02:30 hrs a fibre optic line was hit in niagara... ended up knocking out cogeco in half of niagara region until 11:30 yesterday....
here is where it gets wierd... the modem that reefescape runs off of was in the middle of renewing its lease for the ip address at the same time.... when the cogeco was restored there was 2 other modems in the area that had also expired there lease on their ip address... as it ended up... somone else got the ip address that reefescape has been using since the modem upgrade...

as a result i had to update the ip address with the dns provider... the best part is they wanted to verify that i was Limey, which i am not... and he is on vacation... in a way different time zone....

anyway , sorry for the inconvience...